Diversity and Inclusion

June 1, 2022
Health Care Disparities - Ms. Martha Moor-Monroy


University of Arizona Department of Urology is a diverse group of surgeons that recognizes the importance of creating an inclusive culture and equitable workplace. We recognize that each individual is unique. The differences include, but are not limited to, internal dimensions such as personality, race, age, gender, ethnicity, ability, and sexuality and external dimensions such as geographical location, marital status, income level, educational background, work experience, and religious and political beliefs.  

University of Arizona Department of Urology is committed to creating a culture where every individual can contribute their full potential. We are aware that this requires investigating the systems and processes in the organization to discover barriers and eliminate them. Our mission is to ensure that team members speak up and are heard so they feel safe and empowered proposing novel ideas, making decisions, taking and giving feedback, and sharing credit for team successes.