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Message from the Department Chair, Benjamin R. Lee, MD, MBA

Our urologists are experts in applying state of the art technology in the treatment of urologic diseases. Medicine and Surgery have evolved quickly, from historical methods 20 years ago  to perform open surgery for the treatment of kidney, bladder, and prostate disease. Our faculty are fellowship trained urologic surgeons focusing on treatment of urologic cancers, calculous disease, pelvic prolapse and incontinence procedures for women and men, prostate disease both benign prostatic hyperplasia, but also prostate cancer, as well as reconstructive urology. We seek to advance the diagnostic and therapeutic options for treating the entire spectrum of urologic disease by focusing our Mission: To Innovate, To Cultivate, To Heal.

Innovative Technology

Application of technology advances in nanotechnology, fusion MRI for improved diagnosis of prostate cancer, Robotic surgery, as well as bipolar TUR and laser treatment make it possible for our doctors to minimize the threat of urologic cancers and benign obstructive disease. Advances in fighting cancer will improve with our research investigations into precision medicine to better understand how to diagnosis, predict, and treat the disease to help our patients. The skill and craft of our doctors in performing minimally invasive procedures are enhanced by the assistance of Da Vinci Robot which we now have 4 robots within our institutions.

The Results

The results are shorter recovery times, less pain, smaller incisions, and improved quality of life. In combination with clinical excellence, the academic mission of the Department of Urology continues to advance the frontiers of discovery and innovation.




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Please contact our clinic at (520) 694-4032.